Brightening a cloudy day.

I have a new batch of Enhyro quartz crystals that have been keeping me busy. They are crystals that have water trapped in them during their growth process that has been there since they were formed, perhaps thousands or millions of years ago. Looking at the bubbles, and sometimes floating minerals inside the natural structure of the crystal is mesmerizing and can keep me busy for hours! There is something wonderful about a stone that has moving things inside it! One of my books says they symbolize the collective unconscious that underlies and unites everything.  And they are just cool!

These pictures are a random sampling of new things I am excited about: Kyanite, triangle growth patterns on a citrine, beautiful purple Fluorite, Prehnite and grape agate, Actinolite from Wenatchee, Washington, and a very velvety Fluorite with Muscovite cluster from Pakistan. What wonders the world holds!


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